Thursday, December 8, 2011

the coolest variac EVER!

I went to an auction with hopes of picking up a toroid winder and the bidding was crazy.  way over ebay prices but i did come home with the coolest variac I have ever seen.

I didn't need another variac and the clean new ones at the auction were going for $150 each.  I guess vintage was lost on the crowd so it was my win.  There were three of them in this lot and if you won the bid for the first one, you had the option to buy the rest at that price.  Novelty has a price and the bid went up to $40 for the pick of the litter and the winner chose the runt.

The remaining two from this lot went up under a similar bid situation and at $15 I had the option to take both.  One was a 15A unit and the other was 7.5A unit.  I took both.

My desire was the smaller unit since unlike the big traditional bakelite knob of 15A unit, the smaller one had a voltage readout feature quite different form the traditional methods.

Pay no attention to that cat in the picture and look at the bakelite knobs! 

 I tried to brag about the cool factor to the scrappers at the auction end and they looked at me like I had three eyes.



  1. That is cool I'd buy that. Nice score!

  2. that is without a question the pimped out variac of all time.... so cool and useful!


  3. Definitely cool. Like those filament transformers you sometimes see with sockets attached on top.

    The cat looks evil!


  4. It would be way cool if you got the one with digital meter, but I know that the price of that is "not that" cool :D


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