Friday, April 19, 2019

EMIA Permalloy 50 Amplifier


rarely seen and never blogged, the EMIA 50's made an appearance at the warehouse for some final tuning and listening this week... two amplifiers are shown... one copper, and one silver... yes, silver interstage transformer and silver outputs... 

and check out those ridiculously giant nickel outputs... no, not 49% nickel... actual Permalloy - 80%.... sometimes I forget how much I love the sound of nickel... especially when coupled to a globe 50... not sure it gets any better than that... different maybe, but not better... a true classic... 

and speaking of rarely seen in public together, last night this happened:

Nick Mason played all 1970 and earlier Pink Floyd tunes... so wonderful to hear all of those Syd Barrett songs... and they brought the swirling chaos as well... Astonomy Domine... Interstellar Overdrive... Saucerful of Secrets.... and Roger Waters came out to sing the only song I wanted him to sing:  Heart of the Sun.... just perfect..   oh! and on the way out I found the Saucerful of Secrets:

I love me some liquid lights!


Monday, April 15, 2019

A.J. Musselman

I went to Walterfest X.5 last weekend and one of the coolest things was an unopened Musselman 5VCA from the early days that Pern had come across.  He thought it to be a precursor to the 112 but since the box was still sealed we had no idea what treasure was hidden inside.

Since nothing is too cherry to pop.... a crowd gathered around and the snail seal was broken

we quickly found out that this 93 year old was well documented and pern lamented about the chances of ever finding another.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Digital Sand Bomb

In keeping with the "Bomb" theme here is something I have been playing with.  It is a Step up device based on the Nelson Pass Zen  I/V converter for a Dac.

Of course I have no use for resistive loads, coupling caps or anything digital so I dressed up the 2SK170 / 2SJ74 combo with a good dose of 80% nickel and feed it with a MC cartridge.

Yes this is a stereo pair with both input and output transformers and it loads the cartridge with around 10 ohms. 

Initial tests are quite promising.

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