Monday, August 7, 2017

Emia Manual

We are slowly moving Emia into the 20th century and just added a new Manual Autoformer as an entry level product.  It is dual mono and does 0 to -52.5dB in 2.5dB steps.  Two inputs and parallel outputs adorn the back and that funny knob in the center does a penalty free balance of 1.25dB and 2.5dB left or right.  Moving beyond the need for a 2.5dB shift the mono aspect will allow for any offset desired in 1.25dB steps.

It is essentially a 5-1/2" cube with enough mass to be stable and to really put things over the top it ships in a hard case.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Spent last weekend in the land of walter an neglected to take pictures so I'll just give some brief observations and a funny story.

We converted the 8 RCA MI-1432 field coil drivers from Lambda power supplies to Tungars and that really seemed to help the authority on the low end.  I also was able to try the LCR tape EQ out on the Studer A80 with some awesome source material and lets just say there is a huge amount of promise to the use of LCR for Tape EQ so stay tuned.

Now for my highlight of the weekend.  I took a bunch of cull records up to give away and left them in the back of the Element with the hatch open for folks to thumb through.  Since no good deed goes unpunished, upon leaving yesterday I found a car with a very dead battery and no jumper cables in sight.  As Walter was calling AAA for a jump I was thinking of fabricating some jumpers from a 500 foot spool of belden mic cable in the garage.  The car was parked such that the run would have needed to be 20 feet or so and while possible,  I thought why bother since a truck was on the way. Being a little slow on the uptake and staring at the 120VAC mocking me 6 feet from the thirsty battery I did finally recall  the original purpose of tungars. A field coil supply and two runs of mic cable had the car purring like a kitten in about 15 minutes.  Alas my car bitched all the way home about the flavor of the alternator electrons compared to the sweet taste of tungar.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

last pair of the ElevenHorns!


found a pair in the move!

dark mahogany with light gloss finish
(the light exaggerates the gloss)

and now I know why I boxed them away... small
blemish in two spots... looks like this one was
dropped after stain was applied, but before the oil
was applied... 

spot #2 - and each of these is only noticeable up 
close... you will never notice from the listening 
seat.. but refinish if you want to..

1" throat, 600Hz Le Cleac'h... I sold out of these first...

generous roll back... for a big, open sound... 

folks have used them with TAD 2000 series, but
there are sleeper cheap drivers like the baby Radian!

list was US$950 - last pair as shown - US$425

experiencemusic "at" hotmail "dot" com


Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Resistance isn't futile... It is downright evil!  One of the big offenders in the resistance camp is the humble L-pad so here is a magnetic solution.

This particular unit goes from -6 to -16.5dB in 0.5dB steps which is perfect for padding that horn down to the bass.  The "coarse" steps are 1dB and the toggle allows for a 0.5dB trim.
Of course it resides on a permalloy core and allows the end user to select the desired impedance presented to the crossover by selecting the shunt resistor.

Wiring is simple with the same 3 connections as an L-pad.  More info to come!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bedtime Reading

Here are a few of the more interesting texts from my collection.

Starting from the top with 1/3 of the MIT trilogy we have a book that has seen more action from my bunny chewing on it than from the original owner.

My favorite part is the date with a pre-printed 194_  for the year.  I can't imagine the panic as Y1K950 approached.  Next we have the Grossner text that is on extended loan to me from Blackie who apparently has it on loan from Donald Trump.

Next up is the Bell Labs Bible on magnetic materials and how could I not snag this autographed copy given to my old nickel dealer?

Finally, this copy of Bozorth from the Jeffrey W. Jackson collection which possibly represents another text that until recently has never been opened.

Friday, March 24, 2017

301 bling

I know we are 100% anti-bling but we are accepting of others addiction to the shiny object (or two)

A few years back, family member Ijaz in DC talked Ray Clark into doing a solid brass 301 which we have used at the DC show over the years.  Now a few more have been ordered awaiting the plinths to proceed to their final homes.  Here are some snaps of one of them in a test plinth that will be made from curly maple and ebony.

and finally in order to cope with all of that shine I feel the urge for some bead-blast and patina therapy but will have to leave you with some classic "Drug through the Hudson" 

Friday, March 17, 2017

RCA MI-9584 on a Battleship horn!

so yet another in my long list of interesting things that I need to pass along to the next person is this awesome oddity:

so the RCA fans out there will immediately see the MI-9584 on there

yes.. brand new... original hang tag still attached to both of them

Bureau of Ships!

that alnico magnet and the unmistakable back cap of the MI-9584

so who knows what this is over the diaphragm??  answer:  a blast cap!  horns work both directions, right?  therefore a cannon blast on the deck would blow a diaphragm *backwards*... and this prevented that... 

yep.. sealed screws... 

so this is the autoformer to set levels.. lots of taps... you could actually go from a 2A3 plate, through a cap into the 3200 ohm tap... 45 into the 6400 tap.... 

and tapped input, of course... 

so UPS had its way with the mate... but, the horn did its job of protecting the driver!

anybody know what "Reproducer - Class H & M" means?

check out those mounts!  the picture does not do them justice... that hole is at least 1/2"... maybe 3/4"..

and that back cap!

the shipping "ding"

same magnet.. same diaphragm... same blast cap... 

note the green color inside... made for the army originally?

sealed screws again.. 


same autoformer... 

so there you have it... another oddity from the collection... 

I was planning to pull the drivers.... but have not had the heart.. and besides, I have a few already... it is honestly in my top three for that magic 200 to 2k decade... just a big, bold, and smooth midrange... 

if anyone out there has interest, email me... experiencemusic at hotmail dot com ... 


Monday, March 6, 2017

Woof! - or, Mating Bass to the Western Electric 16a .....

and the reveal:

so before we get on Mrs. Lisa's case too much about "encouraging" me to unload precious items, we should all remember that she lets me cut holes in the wall of our house.... 

and for the curious: the bass is fantastic... a wonderful match to the 16a in that small basement room... one of the best small room speakers ever made!