Friday, August 10, 2012

a pair of my old horns popped up on eBay....

a pair of horns that I made for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest a few years ago.. they are Le Cleac'h... I think 340 Hz flare rate.. a high T factor... probably in the 1.2 to 1.4 range... fiberglass with a few layers of damping on the back...

they sounded quite good... I liked them best when I was biamping... the 75tl on the horns and the 304tl on the 15" Altec woofers...

the seam that you see in one of the pictures is not a crack... it is actually where the back plate comes off to mount different drivers...

yeah, you gotta repaint them, but the price is certainly fair...

[link to auction at] 



  1. I'd start wondering if more than one pair show up!

  2. Kwing got those from me,
    and sold them on my birthday......
    I thought they sounded very good,
    wonderful mount too.
    But for the sweetspot of the 2435's,
    a 600Hz LeCleach may be enough.

  3. I am sorry guys for selling (especially on your birthday Mats) these. I love the way they sounded.
    I just decided to go with the TAD-4001 / LeClea'ch combo from Autotech after living with the TAD-2001 / Autotech LeClea'ch for awhile. At least I know who made them now. The buyer will be very happy!


  4. I thought it was funny.
    Can't wait to hear the TAD's



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