Monday, November 12, 2012

YL and Goto..


I had the opportunity to make a fairly informal comparison of a YL driver and an early Goto driver recently.  As many of you know, Goto and Kondo worked together at YL.  The story is that Goto left when they began to use folded horns.  This was a compromise he just could not accept.  Not sure of the accuracy of that, but that is how it was passed to me....

Goto photos:

so this comparison was not a perfect A>B... it was not really fair to the YL driver as we had to use it below its recommended range.  However, the horns were the same.. and should load the driver just fine to well below where we were crossing... I think we were crossing in the 500 range and the horn is a cast very early Goto horn of about 250Hz flare with a too small mouth... but this is a system that was designed for listening from anywhere.. .upfiring horns.. Altec 416's in a big sealed box below... and TAD 4001's used as tweeters.. even given all of these caveats, it was easy to discern which driver was which...

here are the same horns in one of my old "lashups":

in general, the Goto was a bit richer... which is obvious as it went lower, but this quality extended to the treble as well... the YL was just as quick and delicate, but it had a touch of tizzy.. not a lot, but it was there... neither driver had giant scale, but they did Soul/R&B/Blues well at medium volumes, and the slight feeling of compression worked very well on Nirvana's "D7" from Live at Reading... which was *way* too loud... just awesome...

YL photos:



  1. Jeffrey,

    I have a pair of YL 350F drivers and horns that you can experiment with. Have been trying to figure out what to do with them for a couple of years.


  2. Hi YL#s or GOTO'is,
    unfortunately I can not so good English.
    I have defective YL Acoustic Driver 181 + D-18000th. Who can tell me where to get both Diaphragm.

    Thank you!



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