Saturday, November 2, 2013

What I didn't play at RMAF.

Hey... finally back in the normal groove after the show.  This is just a self serving post of room coverage both good and bad.  Of course the images sell so here are a few pics from one of the many songs I didn't get to play.



Part Time Audiophile

Positive Feedback

AV Showrooms
(Skip to 14:50 for the money shot)

PS Audio



Stereo Mojo

The Absolute Sound


My most memorable moment of music at the show was a group of "children of the 80's" singing a very out of tune version of an entire side of They Might Be Giants Lincoln played through a clapped out chevelle.   It made me young again... It made me happy.  It pissed mom and dad off in the adjoining room at 10PM and we were shushed.

I was almost a teenager again.



  1. What came wrong with setup , involving LC1 ?
    I have them , and simply can't agree with GrandMa Sound characterization ;)

    btw. HFH is in my blogroll

  2. ZM: Since I'm the guy that made the clapped out Chevelle comment, you should also know that I was also helping to make sure that the singing was *very* out of tune. There was nothing wrong with the setup. The room was a blast.

    The speakers, though pretty great in the telephone band, definitely had some problems with transparency, with frequency extremes, and with slight mismatch between the drivers. They must have been magic in their day. Their day is not now.

  3. OK
    I have mine in big (but not bigger than these ) MLTL boxes , using full potential of their Fs of 23Hz ; yes , Hf is limited at some 13-15K , but smallest Fontek ribbon used as super tweet is helping there.
    However , mine are in pristine condition (VCs are iintact , original ) while surrounds are renewed (some ultra rare JBL ones , as I'm told) by Aleksandar RAAL .
    Frankly - they're not last word in resolution , but really capable of squeezing last ounce of music ;)
    But , from my experience , using them occasionally with under-watt SE in my smallish workshop - they can't shine in bass department with just 2W and SE-ish output impedance - in bigger room.
    I'm not apologetic , screaming about my toy ;) (most important is to have them ,what someone else is thinking is of no real importance ;) ), but just trying to put some things in perspective - NB that H.F. Olson was always writing about a system as whole ... and he was using 6F6 PP for them in ,btw. , inferior type of cabinet than are mine.
    I'm trying ,for several years now, to urge Mr. B. Woods to make proper plans of Olson's horn ...... Bill's specimen is probably last known one in the world ....

  4. Ah TMBG, you've got good taste Dave. A little particle man does the body and soul good.


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