Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Loaded

Hey all...

I finally came up with a way to make custom copper wound load resistors for loading MC cartridges.

The values are best to be kept below 1K (hey we only load the cartridge directly right!) which should cover most cases.

 Above is a 120 ohm and a190 ohm to load a Zu 103R feeding a 1:20 silver SUT.

and a peek under the black shrink.  I have some clear shrink on the way to see if the peekaboo look works.

As for the measured parameters....  They are wound in a non-inductive fashion and here is the impedance plot from 10hz-100Khz of a 190 ohm unit.

Are they perfect?  Hell no!  Am I going to lose any sleep over their imperfections?  No way... I'll just put some BS marketing spin on them like 5% tolerance throughout the entire audio spectrum... or maybe just let the audio jackals have at me for this silly idea.




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