Friday, May 30, 2014

selfie for scale

I know things have been slow here so I am stirring up the bottom of the barrel for some content. 

 This is a new first order "Proof of Concept" idea that showed up the other day.  It is in the early stages and might be a total flop but people have been badgering us for this solution for years.

If it fails, this is all the world will see of it.  In our typical fashion, we are approaching the concept from square one and cautiously moving on from there trying to learn.



  1. I don't think anyone could accuse you two of being chatty kathys on this blog. Just the tease, never the details. ;)

  2. more to come... if it works. It is PP, active biamp and the output transformers are step ups.

    OK I know it will work.... not sure how it will sound.

  3. Dave,
    I'm still not sure that this device does. Is it a filter, amplifier?


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