Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Shielding SUT's

One of the biggest problems with rolling your own SUT is shielding them to get them quiet.  In the very near future I plan on offering two options to help the cause of the DIY'er for shielding.  One is a Steel box that has holes for RCA jacks and a ground lug.  This can be lined with mumetal and copper foil for an effective enclosure.  The other is a deep drawn mumetal can that can be placed end to end  for a final shield.  These can then be put inside a steel box for complete shielding.


  1. Good to know you're on the case! Been considering playing with those things but was concerned about the shielding needed.

  2. Great idea would love a case, copied your idea of copper shielding in my SUT but this looks much better

  3. carlos hathitachiJune 7, 2016 at 5:43 AM

    I hate that term "SUT" All transformers step up or step down, except isoformers whose only function is galvanic isolation. It sounds stupid to me.

    More seriously, anyone using shielded single conductor cables to feed a transformer off a low output MC cart is , as Johnny von Neumann said of mathematically creating randomness, "in a state of sin". Does the term longitudinal imbalance mean anything to you? If not, please research it. The phono cart is inherently a balanced source. It must be handled balanced (WRT ground and itself) to the transformer, which serves as a balun as well as an impedance matcher. Actually 300 ohm open twinlead would work better, attached to open screws, than this. Better would be some kind of Lemo or multipin XLR connector, or IBM twinax cables if using one per channel would be okay.


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