Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make it yer own Tungar Supply

Went to the "Secret Land of Walter" last weekend to have some fun with some friends.  On the agenda for the weekend were some Tungar Supplies for his 4 RCA 1428's so I brought a few boxes of parts to complete the task.

Then some basic supplies were added and we were off to the races.

The kitchen table was taken over for a short period while Carroll and his helper whipped things together and tested things out.

After all was well they went upstairs for the in system test.

Then finally things were buttoned up for some music for the distinguished guests who many of which were there in spirit only.


  1. just for completeness (in case no one's mentioned it, our colleague "Carol" identifies as "Carroll" -- not that there's anything wron with that! ;-)

    Sorry I missed seeing all youse guyses this go-round!

  2. Error corrected... hope to see all ya all next year.

    1. hi-is there a schematic for this? I would like to build for my drivers. Thanks!

  3. Super cool. But how did the 1428's sound with these magical Tungar supplies?
    Would love to hear some subjective comparisons between these and Walter's LC-1's, and your electrostats!

  4. Subjective it will be then! The Electrostats are wicked refined and transparent. As part of a worthy system they're (gag!) "a window into the stage". Small changes register and there's a deftness about it all that's admirable and deserving of total praise. And yes, they do justice to bass and the rest still sings brilliantly.

    The LC-1's are relaxed and so very correct. They're transparent as well, but in a different sense - it's a "they're not there anymore" thing. You can fall asleep to them knowing that all's right with your musical world. Psychologically it's reassuring that golden Elvis was mixed on them, and probably Sam Cooke too...

    The BIG system with four 1428 mids and eight 1432 woofs does very well by string quartets but might be able to play, say, "Stop Making Sense" at a clean 120dB in that room. They're from a different planet.


  5. do you guys have a schematic for this?


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