Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bell & Howell


without thinking, I mentioned that I own too much stuff to Lisa... and that I probably would not get to many of the projects that I had purchased these items for... (see where this is going?)

well, she took that little mumble of mine and ran with it... so I now need to list many items for sale... to lighten the load...  I'll keep ya'll posted, of course... so far mostly reorganizing and photographing... 

some of the items are really interesting... and I want to write about them... like this Bell and Howell Art Deco amp/speaker combo.... too cool...

volume control and glow lamp 

I need to add a handle...  

but check out the finish of the inside!  that grey!

Jensen P12P alnico

 Bell and Howell rebranded everything...

the beautiful industrial labeling... 

mono Push Pull 6L6 amp.. 6SL7 driver...

and check out the coke bottle 6L6's!

clearly relabeled RCA tubes...

even has the RCA date codes - 1956!

yep... she lights up.. plays, even.. no hum at all... personally, I would put a new powercord on it.... replace the electrolytics just to be safe... and play mouth harp through this thing!

the tubes are worth $100... the speaker at least that... so if any blog folks want it for $200, lemme know... pick up in the Hudson Valley would be great, but I can ship... 

more to come, but first, some James Brown:


experiencemusic "at" hotmail "dot" com


  1. Twist my arm.
    let me know the total to ship to memphis.

  2. HAH It was probably driven from Memphis 8-) Sorry couldn't resist the snark.


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