Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Resistance isn't futile... It is downright evil!  One of the big offenders in the resistance camp is the humble L-pad so here is a magnetic solution.

This particular unit goes from -6 to -16.5dB in 0.5dB steps which is perfect for padding that horn down to the bass.  The "coarse" steps are 1dB and the toggle allows for a 0.5dB trim.
Of course it resides on a permalloy core and allows the end user to select the desired impedance presented to the crossover by selecting the shunt resistor.

Wiring is simple with the same 3 connections as an L-pad.  More info to come!


  1. I should try mine again and put it into the crossover.


  2. But why permalloy? The saturation level is much less than in a good steel, and it's a headroom first...

    1. saturation and headroom are not an issue but low level signal behavior is and for that permalloy is King!