Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's a small world.

While hanging out at the LSAF a group of us were just chatting and at some point Brenda mentions where she grew up / used to live in the Dallas area. Within 30 seconds Innerurban had a picture of her living room on his iPhone. Needless to say, the next words out of her mouth were something like 'How the $%&* did you get a picture of my living room?' No google earth hasn't gotten that sneaky, it just so happens that he now lives in the very same place where she grew up.

That one is tough to top, but two other odd connections were made in the last week inside the much smaller world of audio. Remeber those WE horns that Silabtone showed in Munich?

I mentioned the setup to our friend Ijaz and he said I had a pair of those at one point and suspected they were once his. A little checking and indeed that seems to be the case. He found them in Pakistan and had them shipped to DC. Later he sold them to a dealer on the west coast who then sent them to Korea. They completely circled the globe when they ended up in Munich with Frank and Sean showing their table in the same room. Full closure of the audio circle comes with the fact that Ijaz was one of the first people in the states to get one of Frank's arms and the first time I really got to chat with Frank was at Ijaz's house.

Ijaz met Frank through the Loricraft guys and one of their plinths close the next circle of friends. At one point, Ijaz had a woodworker do a slight modification to his Loricraft plinth. He subsequently had Gary Gill sell it on ebay. As it turns out, a picture of that very plinth shows up at one of the ETF events.

The new owner is a close associate and reputed member of the Munich Triode Mafia of which Jeffrey and I have close personal ties. You can't make this kind of stuff up kids.

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  1. That is very freaky.

    As we used to say if you don't em you know someone thats slept with em.


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