Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Victories.....


I have been battling two NEC laptops and then a really nice Dell mini for weeks now. But look what magically happened last night:

Notice this is from two different measurement programs - and they actually agree... ahh... so Dave Cigna, the laws of physics enforcer, comes through again.. in a big way... thanks...


The one hundred pound horns... clamped to quick stand.. aided by last minute additions of lead shot, 25 pound Lowther motor, play sand, and most importantly, blue strap/milk crate combo.. did _NOT_ fall over when thrown on top of never before seen basshorn when Black Sabbath was playing at 100+dB....


The combination of coming out of winter and still having not much more than root vegetables for local food and the gorgeous, but still very green tomatoes in my garden is killing me. I can't wait for fresh veggies... but I got a really nice surprise upon my return - ripe mulberries. There are few things better than fresh organics fruits for free in your own back yard. Plus, I hear they are hallucinogenic. That might help with some of my speaker "visions"...


  1. Mullberries aren't hallucinogenic morning glories maybe but not mullberries. Trust me I break for halucinations. I lost my mullberry tree two years ago. They taste great but mulberry wine is even better :)

  2. Nice... flat from 50 to over 500...

    ... and I choose to believe that Mulberries *are* hallucinogenic. Don't take that away from me..

  3. Ifway everyoneway owsknay ethay uthtray aboutway ethay erriesbay
    eythay illway ytray otay ealstay emthay.

  4. Is that a ripe huckleberry in the lower left hand corner?


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