Tuesday, December 28, 2010

_all black with white socks.

the holidays were nice to me, black wardrobe and white footwear filled my hamper and i feel loved. 

Now the bad news.  My socks are grey,  My house is dirty,  I am happy.

A milling attachment for my lathe 

rather than bragging about my new hack milling attachment i'd like to talk about the grey socks.

I am a slob,  I cannot cleanup. It must be genetic, my place is a mess.

grey socks are not pure they stand out from the rest if you accept them as fact it is a mess.

The hell with Dr. Seuss and politically correct. My place is a mess that I cannot correct.

who am i trying to impress

The blacksmith I have yet to meet from my past.


  1. Your place - many may envy you. Me among them.

  2. When Tesla died, pigeons were flying around in his apartment.


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