Tuesday, December 7, 2010

British Engineering.

For some time I have been looking at the above crossover for a Tannoy gold wondering about why they made some of the choices they did.  The end result is that the inductors are held in place on the phenolic board by packing tape.

Now compare that to a recent showing of a Klangfilm remake that was played at the most recent ETF.  While still in a naked form, The picture below shows the more rigid approach taken by some of my friends. 

Notice the use of standoffs and mounting hardware.  I did notice a bottle of wine in the picture and since they were in France, that is a perfectly acceptable excuse.  What bothers me is they were in Northern France only a short ferry ride across the English Channel from Great Britain and obviously the creators fell under the influence of the Brits when they finally completed their work.

Yes... the above pic shows the same amp with nickel output transformers  held down with strapping tape and attached with of all things clip leads.

OK,  Obviously I joke because I am jealous.  I have wanted to attend the ETF since year one when the crazy Viking started it.  I always say next year but rumor has it after the third year in France it is moving to Germany and hopefully this post will force the Germans to kidnap me and make me attend the horrible event and make me drink all of that horrible beer.

As a last note, thanks to the many people who put pictures up of the event so I could steal them without proper credit.  One came from Holgers site and the packing tape one was found at http://www.tubesoundelectronics.de/etf2010_1.htm


  1. When you get kidnapped, can I stow away in the unused ass portion of your pants?

  2. Hey Dave,
    Sos output transformers needet to be seciuat so satt se greasy hands of se french could not pull sem off se ohritschinal (vintitsch) Bauer iron sat's rait undernees sem.

    Sey will ssoon replaisse se Bauer trannssformers and vee vill attatsch sem propalee :-)

    It's all Menno's fault. He made us carry the rather heavy amp down to his make shift lab twice...


    Frank (Schröder)

  3. Yo Slagle...you got no right to beef about clip leads. We all know you only graduated from alligator clips to an actual soldering iron in 2006-2007.

    As for packing tape, what about all those amps you built holding the parts on with bubble gum?

    You can't run, you can't hide, Sucka.


  4. Dave,
    You are of Swiss heritage, so why would any self-respecting German want to kidnap you?


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