Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need a bigger Lathe.

I received this in the mail today as a thank you from fellow lowther enthusiast Matteo in Italy for sending him a lowther reformer.
A few clicks in google brought me to this blog post that had some speakers with his signature on it and some other eye candy.


I remember seeing these before and the (blog is now linked) it reminded me when Herb came over to sharpie work the Feral Eye 

give papa $29 for the original art

At some point I need to do this treatment to my bigfuns but where do you find artists that work for free?  Silly me, they all do.  JJ when you heading up this way?


  1. I can't contact your Italian friend , regarding 12TRXB ; you can point him to

    let use Google Translator form Serbian to Italian

    sincerely , Zen Mod

  2. Dave,
    Not all artists work for free. Some of us even lose money! ;)


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