Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers...


I really thought that Joe and I were "on the down low" coming from Amsterdam to Munich. I guess not. Thomas saw right through us from a mile away. He sent this picture around. As Joe said, "Jackson as Phineas Freak? You nailed it."

and JC, on the left, well... he grew up in the village *way* before it was clean... across the street from *the* park.. and I do not mean Central Park... he never had a chance to appear normal... especially not German normal...

but guess what, Mr. Schick Tonearms? I got you, too... remember this?



  1. was that video from amsterdam or munich?

  2. The poster is awesome lol.....

    Gotta love the Freak Brothers. They tried to start a movie but it never got off the ground which is sad.

    I'm going out to by some flares

  3. Mercury vapor will see you through times of no money better than money will see you through times of no mercury vapor.

  4. Yeah right, Jackson... "on the down low"...suuuure buddy!

    Anybody who was born in the Delta and easily passes for a Frenchman in Amsterdam's notorious Red Light district is assuredly not on the down low. Hate to break it to you now.



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