Thursday, September 22, 2011

crazy loot delivery day.

four packages showed up today all with some nice loot inside.  The first one came from Mr. Oh and had an assortment of 49% nickel lam sizes they recently acquired.  I have to come right out and say that that even though many people consider me crazy,  Those guys are insane and set goals for me to aspire to.

without the 300B for scale the family looks pretty pedestrian and it doesn't really hit home until you see the basic autoformer sized lam in the picture for comparison.

The next two boxes had goodies from a different realm.  One had a panasonic strain gauge and the other had a Euphonics U15-2 which is one of the earlier lower output Euphonics.

The last box is the one that made me nervous since it actually cost me some real money and since they were not fully tested they represented a bit of a risk.

 I must be living a charmed life these days since not only do they test perfectly, In circuit they are nearly matched  (13ma & 15ma) which is very difficult to get.  Given a random sample of 10 tubes, you would be lucky to get three pair this close and for a given 150V B+ and -2V bias you might see a pair at 10-12ma  a pair at 18-20ma and a pair at 28-30ma.  They all sound great but man they are all over the place.

dave... knocking hardly on wood.


  1. hey man, i'm sitting in the basement shop in seoul looking at the very lams in question. i have a cool couple of pix of the coil winder mr. lee built to take advantage of said lams. it is computer controlled for tension and alignment in the most overdone way. permalloy is pretty! nice to know some of these will make their way east!

  2. Yeah, Slagle is definitely not crazy enough...that's what all his friends are saying.

    Yeah, sure...

    Now let's see if I can get through TSA with a carry on bag full of silver Slagleformers. See you in the basement Monday, morrison.

  3. Well, here I am at ATL waiting for Korea Air to board.

    It turns out that Slagleformers must be 100% TSA approved. Can't believe they didn't check out that bag. It must have been an exotic sight on x-ray. I'd suspect they don't see much 49% nickel + .9999 silver coming through.

  4. dude.... those are 80%... that is why you breezed through TSA... they respect the 80% nickel... 49% they hassle you about... and steel? they take you into custody!


  5. Yeah Jackson, now that you mention I heard an announcement in the terminal: "Smoking is prohibited in the terminal buildings and so is M6 electrical steel."

    Actually, I was also toting a pr of 49% chokes but I am sure they let me slide due to the silver and 80%. Don't mess with king pimp, Yo!


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