Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi my name is dave and i'm an addict.

I have been scanning the local craigslist for a few of my needs and near the top of the list is a small benchtop mill.  This morning one gets listed for $400 which is high but it also seems to come with a metal lathe.
 I know JJ could use a metal lathe and the only possible downside is it has been in storage for 10 years so I feared rust.  The lathe indeed showed rust but nothing was frozen and it happens to be the same model I have and it had a 5" chuck mounted on it. (which i could really use)

The milling machine was unfortunately a drill press.  A better one than my current one but it wasn't until i started looking in the other boxes when things became interesting.

I asked if what was in the rest of the boxes was also available and he said he needed ot vacate the storage space and needed everything gone.  I handed him $400 and loaded up the car.  What was also included is pictured below. 

I have been looking for a 6" rotary table and the 24" cross slide is an added plus

setup and measurement tools are always fun.

Chucks to the left and right of centers.
there was also a mini benchtop drill press and a box of assorted tools including 30-40 end mills and lathe bits.  They guy said his father used the press as a mill (hence the cross slide) and all the parts suggest that to be the case so for $400 I thought I 'd give it a go.

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  1. lucky fucker... stuff like that never comes up over here. at least i have health insurance.


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