Sunday, April 22, 2012

the day after.

At some point we need to get back to the basic way to cheat the man yet honor the first order beliefs of family.
The other day I had to chop into a filament transformer to gain access to the leads.  The whole purpose of this endeavor was to pay respect to the filament of a 50.
It just so happened that the toroid that I had on site wasn't up to the job and lets say the filaments were a bit 'droopy' so I took the liberty of cutting it open and adding some wire.
Once the wire is added it just becomes a case of testing it in a bogey circuit and I'll accept that for a 50... even a mesh one.
Trust me kids... you can do this yourself and never have to wait 3 days for a new delivery.  The amazing thing is the power you feel the first time you actually solve the problem yourself.

Back to the 50... the toroid is hidden below with a pair of permalloy filament chokes.  Up top you see a damper bridge and two nickel choke input supplies followed by a buried TSHA feeding another nickel PS choke.  Last cap as always is an oil and music follows.


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