Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a Rush!

Being an admitted audio junkie, I need to head to the 'bay for my occasional fix.  Boy was I surprised and excited when this showed up in a plain manila envelope containing the two things I bought at $5 each. (+$3 shipping).

Upon opening my score, I was pained to see a mono pill rather than a stereo pair and to make things worse, it was a generic!  I'll also assure you if I follow the prescribed dosage, I will feel severe pain in 6-8 hours hence needing a refill of a controlled substance.

Here the single dosage is sitting next to the ailment it is designed to cure and in all honesty I'm happy with the generic even at the single dose price since it will help out some mono freak in the future.

Finally an image for those Junkies out there who want to see the difference between the original and the generic. 

Now for a funny story that isn't audio related.  Back in the early days of digital when I needed extension tubes for my canon lenses, I asked a digital tech friend what to get and he said  'get the kenco'.  He also mentioned when you go in to buy it you will get a fight from the salesman at B&H.  He insisted they will shun the generic and suggest that the genuine Canon extension tubes at 3X the price are far superior.  He also told me of his response to the salesman which was...

 'I have read that the air that cannon uses is much higher quality than the air that kenco uses.  If i buy the canon tubes, can you also supply me with the needed air?'

They happily sold him the generic tubes.


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