Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the irreverent show.

It is funny how a simple image without context can stir emotion.  More people noticed my treatment of this switch as a social comment rather than a practical one.

 Two years ago at LSAF, we found out in the worst way that this switch controlled a Hollywood outlet in the room we were showing in.

Early Friday morning,  I flipped the switch and found the offending outlet and sealed it off with the tape I had in my pocket.

Problem solved.

If we go earlier by about 12 hours, my only task was to get the room set up and since we scored the same room things were easy.

The first step in setup was to remove the beds and that was when the surprise came.

My first thought was to ask "What idiot hotel would put playsand under their beds?"  Reality set in and I quickly realized that it was the slackers that run this blog that left the sand.  An interesting storage possibility was realized and at the end of the show I properly placed the sand back where it belonged.

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