Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nipper never impressed me.

Now Spuds McKenzie... that is a dog fit to represent real audio!  When I say REAL, I mean REAL!

Yes both the system and the dog were real and I have to say that my visit to Ka's place was also very real.  It was a beautiful industrial space in Dallas with a very nice aesthetic.

After some listening and unfiltered sake, the group went out for some BBQ Texas style and we each ate one of the special tofu ribs in JJ's honor.

Upon returning to Ka's studio,  I noticed something fitting for the blog in one of the display drawers from the cabinet pictured above.

Then It happened!  I found this picture from that rag that Holger runs of all the scandalous stuff that happened in Munich.

Well I could not stand for this and I had to dump both of them and set out to find myself a new BFF

Luckily it wasn't difficult!

(Ka,  I'll trade you the dog for the 80% nickel 50 amp)


  1. Like the stuff in draw. Morphine sulfate is controlled drug. Looks like someone likes tripping here :)

    1. Nobody trips here, it's an art installation. Get it?

  2. Dave, you kinky beast!

  3. Just what you need, another high energy dog ;D

    BTW did you see the other picture Wayne shot of you saluting!

  4. Dave, what a fun evening! Love your amp but I LOVE Beanie more!

  5. HOLY COW! Ka's system looks amazing. I can't believe I missed that part of the Dallas trip 8-( Next year I stay through Tuesday....

  6. Drugs, bestiality *and* 80% nickel? Sign me up!


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