Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hipster Haven.

This will start out as an audio post and then go south quickly.

Gary of Capital Audiofest fame came across these 160hz Azurahorns at some point and scored them.  For the past month they have been stored in an apartment in Bushwick Brooklyn.  Once I heard they were there I offered to pick them up if we could use them on the lowther field coils in our room at the show.  (yes we will be at captial audiofest with some trick Garrard turntables, schroder and durand tonearms, and a bunch of Emia stuff.)

My task was to go to Bushwick and pick them up.  20 years ago I looked at a place in Bushwick and lets just say I chose to stay on the Bowery.

The buildings adjacent to the location of the horns had the expected look even though they were clorox clean.  The first hint that I wasn't in the same Bushwick I had explored two decades ago were the auto's parked on the steet.

Going around to the other side of the Prius gave an even bigger tell.

The building exterior was.... well unique... with lots of commentary.

Going inside was more of the same.

The biggest problem I would have living the hipster life, would be after getting out of the town car after a hard day of interning and being forced to decide whether my latte cup trash or refuse?

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  1. The hipsters aren't so bad. They fill up the coffee shops and trendy places , leaving the really good stuff for the rest of us Brooklynites.

    Also have a little sympathy, the recession hit their parents hard, and they can only afford to hang out 5 days a week instead of 7.


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