Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Omahaul Pt II - Western Electric 555's


hello kids!  Welcome to part II of Omahaul... I told you about Part I here... and it is time to show you Part II.. obviously from the title and teh above shot, I finally stumbled into my 555's... ahh... it has been a long time coming...

 two of them are 555W, and two are labeled 555...

check out the cool original crate...

this is a later crate, though original to one of the
555W drivers... note the stamp is an ink stamp...

side label... again an ink stamp..

this was in the open crate... Ver Halen, this is your


and this is how you can tell if your drivers have 
ever been opened.. two screws on each level have 
seals on them.. and after all these years, it is very 

and now to wreck you guys... this one is NOS.. 
the crate had never been open when the guy I 
got these from found it in teh mid eighties.. 
he opened it the day he found it and then 
just sealed it right back up... he had not opened 
it since then.. he made me open it to "make 
sure he wasn't selling me a rock"... too funny!


yep... it is the stupid rare mesh version... these have 
better low frequency performance.. they are faster 
and cleaner.. my theory is that WE abandoned this 
due to the lower power handling, not due to performance 
increases.. the pictures do not quite convey how fine the mesh is..



  1. Jeffrey,

    Nice get! Whatcha going to do with them. If you are coming to CAF maybe I'll but on my ski mask and make a midnite raid :)

  2. Well, at least we know why he is not answering his phone, or checking his voice mail. Clearly a case of "new girlfriend-syndrome". Me, I am suitably WRECKED. Anyone want a JBL-stack?

  3. Superb! Couldn't imagine these going to a better home.

    It was cool seeing and hearing in person. That was my first experience to hear a WE driver. It has been torture over the years only seeing them under glass. Thanks again.

  4. Woot woot...next you are telling us you are making the big cohone horns to made them with!

  5. What a result! Nice work. :-)

  6. Hell yeah, Jeffrey – lucky guy! May i ask how much you payed?


    (the guy with the 15A-Jazz-Club-PA you met in Munich ;))

  7. Holiest of Sh*ts!!!
    That was amazing... (the opening of the box, and unveiling of the driver)
    New favourite website!!!

  8. So fun. I just stumbled across an original 555 at an estate sale!
    I'm going to sell mine. coreyrwolfe@msn.com if you want to contact me.


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