Friday, March 24, 2017

301 bling

I know we are 100% anti-bling but we are accepting of others addiction to the shiny object (or two)

A few years back, family member Ijaz in DC talked Ray Clark into doing a solid brass 301 which we have used at the DC show over the years.  Now a few more have been ordered awaiting the plinths to proceed to their final homes.  Here are some snaps of one of them in a test plinth that will be made from curly maple and ebony.

and finally in order to cope with all of that shine I feel the urge for some bead-blast and patina therapy but will have to leave you with some classic "Drug through the Hudson" 


  1. I love the bling. Also happen to own dragged thru the Hudson SUT's and Autoformers. Comfortable with both aesthetics.

  2. Gorgeous. There's always time for that well worn beaten look. It all ends up there eventually.


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