Monday, March 6, 2017

Woof! - or, Mating Bass to the Western Electric 16a .....

and the reveal:

so before we get on Mrs. Lisa's case too much about "encouraging" me to unload precious items, we should all remember that she lets me cut holes in the wall of our house.... 

and for the curious: the bass is fantastic... a wonderful match to the 16a in that small basement room... one of the best small room speakers ever made!



  1. Hi Jeff,

    So it's kind of open baffled? What is that 15" woofer? Are you using just one woofer?


  2. Hello,

    It is technically more of an infinite baffle as the rear wave is in another room.. but note that it fires into a slot of smaller area than the cone.. so it is compression loaded... like Oskar Heil's designs... it does some really interesting things...

    I only have one driver "woofing" at the moment.. just have not cut the second hole... but I am astounded at both the quantity and quality of the bass....

  3. Slot loaded infinite baffle, what a concept ! For a larger room, just imagine push-pull, slot load (compression) mid bass AND infinite baffle sub bass !


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