Thursday, November 7, 2019

Capital Audiofest

Another year, another sleepless weekend in DC.  Here are some pictures from the room and links to show coverage.  Pete Hutchison of The Electric Recording Company sent over a test acetate that he cut of Sonny Rollins Way Out West which was sublime.  We were running 301's, a Schick and a Schröder with lots of silver and mercury.  I'll let a few pictures do the talking and those that write professionally tell the tale.

We were also showing the 50 amps, Autoformer, LR phono and SUT's in the Refined Audio room.

Jack Roberts blurb on the Audio Beatnik


  1. How do you hook up the 394As? Grid and plate tied together?

    1. I used the grid as the switch with a latching relay.

  2. Looks great Bro! Sorry I missed you guys this year...


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