Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crossing Over.

Back on April first I made a lighthearted entry about a switch. Well, they have found their final resting place in a pair of crossovers I designed for some Tannoy 15" monitor Reds. Before you all go saying "Dave has sold out" do be aware that I had no part in the creation of the pretty box and even my request for casters was denied.

I had them in my possession to do the final testing and documentation. I also drew up a suggested set of knob indicators that will be made out of 1/16" ebony with maple inlay.

When in the land of Walter, I did get to hear them on a pair of HPD 3859's and even though they were designed for a completely different driver, they worked as planned and sounded good enough after some adjustment of the knobs to get a thumbs up from Arthur.



  1. I can just imagine how satisfying it must be to go up to one's stack and turn those big fat knobs, and get it just right, like a perfect juicy ribeye (sorry JJ), playin' that favorite tune the way it wants to be tonight......


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