Sunday, August 29, 2010

Santa Claus?

yep, good old Santa.. that is what the delivery man looks like to me. The internet has brought high quality HiFi bits to my door that I never would have been able to find back in the day. But after all these years, my favorite ones still come from Holmes, NY.

Check out these babies. LCR inductors. And, yes, that 80 on the side does mean 80% nickel. It also equals the best core for pulling detail from the noise floor. The stuff was designed for low level work - perfect for RIAA correctors. Oh, and it happens to also be quite yummy. Sorta like Sock It To Me Cake.... Think sugar and butter. Super yummy. When in the South, you have to enjoy the perks. The Neely family being local is definitely one of them.

I bet when you guys get boxes from Dave they have this nice, neat packaging. Not me. Look what he packed these things in! Do I blame the rabbit, the yellow dog, or Dave?

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