Friday, August 13, 2010

More Dirty Hill Country Blues...

First, apologies to all the phone calls I missed last night - Boiling Frogs, Roman, Slaggle... I have realized that I have been working way too much and not been getting my live music fix often enough, so last night Lisa and I sneaked out again... and I think I actually get more work done as my filaments get rejuvenated to full emission...

As I noted a while back, these two guys from Akron, OH play the music of the master Junior Kimbrough. I guess I listen to a lot of different music, so bear with me occasionally... if you like blues but think it needs that edge sometimes, I bet this raunchy electric stuff may be for you. This is not quiet, sad, simple music. It is heavy, funky, get your inner devil out via exorcism music. Here is a recent 10" that I picked up a while back. Not as full tilt as the later stuff, but very real.. very full of emotion.. This is a YouTube link for the earlier work. For something more full tilt, try this one.

Lastly, I have two random comments. One, I am not a fan of the new ticketing system. It is not paperless, and you still don't get a real ticket stub.

And then there is the required "really?" photo. Man, this is one way to keep African-American people out of the Grand Ole Opry... I cannot imagine what Junior would have said about this sign staring him in the face during a show. I suppose Minnie Pearl didn't really listen to much Ornette Coleman....


  1. Saw the Black Keys last Friday. They are truly awesome.

  2. dewds,was that ryman?! if so,thanks for the msg. and ,of course, i truly hate you. git you back from charlottesville,woody


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