Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can I be Frank With You?

RMAF was a great time and we will be adding bits and pieces over the next few days.  Sean sent me this picture and I want to give a big thank you for use of his platform for our "Saturday night destroy something session".  Alas even nearly a half an amp only made the field coil screaming hot and yet again Jeffrey and I failed to break it.  Major props go to Frank for allowing us to unmount the cartridge on the 12" arm to play since arm on the other table was removed to take to the tonearm comparison.  This left the cartridge playing at high temperatures until Sunday morning at 5:30am when security finally knocked on the door.  Luckily that left 3 hours for it to come back to a reasonable temperature before it played until noon during the show. 

On the other side of the "shootout" spectrum WRT the FC103,  thanks to Joel for the nice 103R to further the experiments. 

Stay tuned!.... More to come!

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