Saturday, October 23, 2010

Latenight with the phone of walter.

 What happened after the talk in the bar after the talk at the shootout... umm  I mean... comparison.  It ended at 5:30 am by the firm request of security.

aligning the cart

getting ready

cueing it up

400ma bay-bee


  1. Dude, what the hell is that blue glow? Is the field coil magnetically confining some kind of plasma? Or is it angels making the electrons spin round and round?

  2. Now that I think of it, It may be the digital scale for setting VTF???

  3. Dave and Jeffrey...

    Can you let us in on the comparison/shootout? I'm guessing it was your D3n0n against something...



  4. Ah! I meant to follow up from our 5 AM junkie fest sooner. The dust finally settled from my most recent move. And I'm still working on that PA system till the end of this month, so its been "shit hits the fan" time for me... Soon, soon, I've got ideas, collaborations, or just general mayhem to start executing with you guys. Ok, again, It was so awesome to share in the junkiness with you guys. Long live field coil cartridges!




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