Sunday, October 3, 2010

everyone likes free stuff.

I'm going to try something out since both Jeffrey and I have lots of stuff we will never use that we would like to see go to a good home.  I really hate the "free offers" where the reply comes immediately and the item sits on a shelf so I'm going to try something different.

Up for grabs is a pair of the small 49% nickel chokes I mentioned a while back.  I looked around on how to give stuff away fairly on the internet and will use the "comment" method.  If you want a chance to get them simply post a comment with your name (please make it a meaningful name)  At the end of some time (for the first few tries I reserve the right to select at any time) I'll submit the names to a random order selector ( and post the list so the people at the top can contact me.

I'm taking this pretty loosely for now to see how it works and the only real ground rules thus far are:

Name or known moniker as a comment to enter
please plan on using them or giving them to a friend who will.
resale is frowned upon but this is a mostly free world.
good friends and family are encouraged to enter and regifting is encouraged.

the last bit involves the shipping.  The paypal shipping is a must.  I can click print and ship something in 30 seconds so if you win and are in the US,   you must paypal me one dollar (or a penny) so I can ship it wihtout issue to the correct place.  Outside the states, the paypal requirement will be $25 for express shipping. (canada may be cheaper) In every case I will cover at least part of the shipping and will address things on a case by case basis.

Please understand this will be a learning process and I apologize for any speed bumps we might hit.  If this one goes well there will be more loot to be had.

To show the protocol, I'll enter myself and jeffrey as comment 1 and 2.  Obviously if either of us happen to win we call you all Suckas

hopefully this will work.


  1. (not quite yet Dr.) Stauffer

  2. Mmm, Nickel... Those would be great for an upcoming phono stage project! Keep up the love and maybe, just maybe, we loyal lurkers may have some parts to put up for grab too.

    Yow, cool weather -- now I can run the 845 amps again!

  3. Nate G has been lusting... I would love me some shiny nickel!

  4. Hermit (John D.)

  5. Free stuff is good.
    Chris O'Connor

  6. Danny Smith.
    How cool, thanks Dave.

  7. They would be great as 3rd choke in my phono

  8. Mike Thomas
    Thanks for the offer.

  9. 20 seems like a good number... contest closed Joe S. is the winner...


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