Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Precious Metals


My newest investment strategy is moving away form cash under my mattress to silver on my shelf.  Given the worth of the US dollar, I hope it is the correct move.  Pictured above is about 8 pounds of high purity silver magnet wire in assorted sizes.  These sizes will allow me to do a small number of autoformers and some nice low ratio SUT's for a handful of customers that have been pestering me for years for silver.

 First up are 6 pair of the chapman/bent modules to go to Korea with some Step-Ups to follow.  Next a few samples go out to some OEM's and family members to try.  If all goes well I may try to do what the Hunt bros. couldn't accomplish in the 80's.

As a final note,  in the next day or so we should crack the 100,000 pageview threshold and JJ and I want to thank you all for putting up with out antics and coming back for more!  I'm sure the content is about to increase a bit in the next weeks with Munich on the horizon.

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