Saturday, May 28, 2011

Those Dutch Kids, Again.....


WOW... yeah... I said it.. wow... Joe and I knew when we met Caspar, Remko, and Wilco at CES that they had the passion... so when they invited us up and said they would have a party, we had to make that happen... fly into Schipol... train to Utrecht and then Geldermalsen... and only an hour from Schipol is Audio-Life... and their shop is wonderful! ... I just found this six moons road tour page...

it is in an old factory... five stories... there is some retail being done, but it is always in the background... just hanging out listening to music is in the foreground.. the rooms are chill... the lighting is just right... and for the party, well, it was phenomenal... family style barbecue... a pretty out there jazz band... and DJ'ing from an Ongaku and a laptop...

it appears that someone has covered the audiophile portion of the party... so click HERE if you want the youtube party video from a local rag... when we landed they were doing the serious audiophile thing with Musical Affairs and PEL... you can see from the video... that stuff is pretty good for cello and low volume vocals... nice and rich... clearly constructed by people who care.. better than nearly everything at Munich High End... but it just cannot handle complex... so, for the office, perhaps perfect... it just cannot be your only system... Bruckner eats it for breakfast...

but what that perspective misses is all of the kids underfoot.. they know all the best hiding spots... they showed me the super loft... oh, and there was Bob Marley on the projector.. and lots of friends until the first rays of the sun... super, duper thanks, guys... you will see and hear more about them over the years... we just hooked them up with Suzuki, so now they are a destination... if you want to hear GIP outside Japan, you need to go to the Netherlands.. trust me, you will have fun...

random video of barbecue:

random video of sneaky kids:

more travels tomorrow!


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  1. Hey Jeffrey,

    Thanks man. Was just great having you guys. System will be in beginning of next week. Woehooo!
    Looking forward for superb weekend again. Joe and me will organise something nice soon.



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