Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so let me hear about your DHT headphone amp!

I love this blog and was flattered Jeffrey asked me to write something. Few days ago I finished this 56 dc 171a headphone amp (more than 50% dht – 80 rectifier) – nothing fancy, scrap chassis, low cost.

Both my son and I thought it was OK at first - a bit flat. Today Jeffrey suggested to remove the 9ohm load resistors I had on the 5K:8 OPT's for the 32ohm headphones. I let my son have the first listen and in two notes he pronounces "It's Better!". It really came alive – open and fluid. Ten minutes later, thinking of Jeffrey, I treated my son to his first experience with Jimi...

- Joe


  1. Another air guitar moment also know as spontaneous simulation for being one with the music = priceless.

  2. I would like to see the operating points of the 56 and 71. care to share the schematic?
    -- josé k.


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