Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swarf Rats

sorry to be absent lately... getting ready to head down to the Capital Audiofest to play for a few days.  I'll be hanging out in room 378 "Vinyl and Vintage" with some cold beer and a handful of toys so stop by if you are attending.  When I get back I'll do a mini-show report but until then.... I'll give you the latest script for "Swarf Rats"

The story starts with a money shot of what used to be a 5" chunk of aluminum with a couple of 6" end plates.

In order to get to that point, my fingers were getting very tired of turning the cross slide on my cheap lathe so it was time to get creative,  I looked around and 5 minutes later I had this:

Yes, that is a chunk of 3" firewood sawed off on a bandsaw with two holes attached to a cordless drill.  It also made an incredible power feed for cutting the taper.

Since I already blew the money shot,  i'll end with the title sequence and the net result of the time on the lathe.

Now before you say "well that isn't much"...  I'll assure you I could easily fit two little crackers into the space occupied by the swarf.

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