Friday, October 7, 2011


Good friend and family member John  Ngo at Par-Metal / Antek was doing some chassis work for us for some upcoming products.  I'll admit I use and like toroids and when perusing his catalog I saw this beast.  It is 1900VCT @ 0.7A  and comes in at just about the weight of the 320hz field coil compression driver.

Scale always being the issue,  here it is with a more traditional 350V tube transformer and the much smaller ($10) filament transformers they offer.  Since I don't smoke I needed to use a different vice for true scale.

On their website they have an extensive catalog with current pricing and stock amounts which brings me to the topic of the post and that is Berger acting up amongst a metropolis of stocked toroids 5 miles from NYC in the beautiful swamplands of New Jersey.


  1. Hi Dave,
    congrats on your beer taste :-).


  2. Good taste in beer, Dave.

    TonyB, who is from the same country as your beer


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