Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stop the insanity.

occasionally we have to try crazy stuff and a customer recently needed a different attenuation range for his speaker level autoformers and new pair of tasty 49% nickel units are going out tomorrow.

Since the most economical way to ship them is a flat rate box, I can slip another pair of toys into the box for him to play with.  It just so happens that his crossover uses a 2.5mhy choke so a pair of amorphous inductors it is.

Coming in at nearly 5 pounds each and using something like #8ga wire with a rectangular cross section they have a massive 50 milliohms of DCR.   Compare that to a 12ga aircore with 350 milliohms or a 14ga steel cored inductor with 120 milliohms of DCR and I surely have some chest beating bragging rights.

OK seriously, I had the bobbins left over taking up space and rather than recycle the copper I figured I'd rather send them out for someone to listen to.  As always I encourage public reports (both good and bad) since I really don't have anything at risk here and ultimately they would have to sell for a huge amount of money.  I guess the point is that I have a sucker (oops cusomer) willing to give them a listen and I gots to know.

Oh yeah,  the monk cover was what I was listening to and I needed some fill light for the hack photos.  A professional would have photoshopped it out but i am not worthy to touch monk.


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