Monday, October 24, 2011

RMAF 2011 via Manho...

blatant post of Manho's pictures....

He obviously spent too much time in the room. Now that I think about it, we all did. Next year, I vote we take Saturday afternoon off and go hiking. The Fall color is just too good.

However, as Dave would say, "This is why we go to shows." These pictures are full of people I have known for years, if not decades. It was great seeing so many friends.



  1. Yeah that looks like the room to be in.

    Any close up shots of Experience Music or Intact Audio gear at the show.

    I'll have to make it their next year. I do hope you guys took time to go into the Rockies.

  2. dude... talk about colors... that pic of us on the floor has you looking like you are ready to (fashionably) go shoot a deer and I don't know what to make of the color of the shirt I am pictured wearing. I must have been really off since when I bought it, it matched my pants. The third pic down actually made me think 'damn frank looks disheveled'. Next year I'm back to my vintage stash of almost black canal jean mock turtlenecks.


  3. Yo Slagle, I read that Steve Jobs had 100 black turtlenecks when he died...maybe you can swing a deal at the estate sale.

    RMAF is many things but surely not a hotbed of inspired fashionistas.


  4. Damn, we get prettier with every frame!


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