Saturday, March 31, 2012

LSAF. The little show that can?

Two years ago JJ and I had some fun in Dallas at the Lone Star Audio Fest .  This show is different since there is no promoter and it simply puts a bunch of audio junkies in the same place at the same time with out the constraints of having to host, organize or charge for an event.

We had fun and met new friends like innerurban who did this blog post  that was the source of the opening picture.   Flash forward nearly two years and I'm headed back.  Unfortunately Munich is happening on the same weekend so JJ and I will cross paths in the air in an attempt to spread the junkie gospel.

Since I will be 150 pounds light of the 300 pound workforce that is emia, we are taking it old skool and showing something very similar to what JJ and JVH took to VSAC 2008.

As I travel to dallas and JJ travels to Munich, we will have each other in spirit in the form of 150 pounds of emia gear.  In addition to the Lowther field coils, Dallas will have the phono, some 50 amps, sut's, attenuators, a LR crossover, strain gauge phono and 100% vinyl as a source.  Acting as the emia missionary to convert amsterdam, JJ has me in spirit if not in mass.


  1. Dave

    Thoroughly enjoyed your emia room at LSAF.

    Looking forward to hearing your stuf this year as I missed VSAC.

    Gotta have a Tequila tasting.


  2. Dave, Did not know you had open baffle speakers. May I ask your driver compliment?

  3. Dave, glad you are coming to Dallas. We have some great audiophiles in the area I am hoping you can visit some of the locals.


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