Saturday, July 20, 2013

Capital Audiofest.

It's that time of year again and the Capital Audiofest is next weekend in Washington DC.  We will have a presence there though our Emia wares via Fred at Audio Prana.  Since a lot of what Fred does is headphone based we will be providing two vinyl front ends but the headphone stuff is much more interesting.

A number of out friends including John Chapman of Bent Audio have been telling us how awesome the autoformers sound being driven by a low output Z dac.  So last night at midnight, we decided it was worth a little work to have a "proof of concept piece" at the show.

While it is a single source in  / single out autoformer it can also be used to drive a set of cans.  The concept is to use it on a desktop headphone system and rather than attenuate digitally before the dac, leave the signal at full resolution and reap the rewards of current drive as you attenuate.

I mentioned above that we will be responsible for two of the three vinyl rigs in various places.  A grease 301 in a trick plinth and Siggwan arm will be upstairs in one room.  The Saskia II with a Schroder arm will be down on the main floor for all to see playing through some high end headphones.  To support those two tables we will provide a strain gauge system with a panasonic and a Shilabe through some silver SUT's and the Emia Phono.  Silver and copper autoformers will also be flying around.

With all these cool vinyl front ends we need source info so bring your favorite 33'3 45's 78's or I'm playing the pink thang.... trust me it is mild compared to what milo will play.  Put another way... If you bring it we will play it.  The added benefit is how cool that pink 45 will look on Saskia II's deck.

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  1. No GSH this year? I have an LP of Kennedy speeches that I can bring!


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