Tuesday, July 2, 2013

high on current.

I submit for you some recent winds that all fall into the category of high current.

First up a pair of 120mhy 2.5A amorphous choke input chokes followed by a pair  of 40mhy 49% nickel chokes for a LCLC balanced field coil supply.

Since computer servers only need one supply, here is a 40mhy 5A  amorphous and 10mhy 5A  49% nickel  set for a LCLC linear supply for a music server.

The next six are 180mhy 1.25A chokes for use in the filaments of some 801 / 841 projects.

All of the tubes are for reference and for scale, here is an autoformer compared to the (wonderful) tube in the above picture.

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