Tuesday, July 9, 2013

whats wrong with this picture?

Lets say I have this friend... lets call him "Robert"... who sends me the above picture of a dac he is building.

Judging by the variac and the fluke, "Robert" is a seasoned pro but the thing that caught my eye was the bottle of goop hiding behind that meter seemingly held down by blue 3M painters tape. 

Totally perplexed I had to ask "Robert" what the deal was to which he responded:

Artifact of circumstance.

Blue tape was used to temp hold wiring, anything in place, determine location; goop & solder.

As things assumed positions,
tape came off. 

No trash can handy... 
Goop tube in hand...
Tape gets stuck to what's handy. 

now this makes perfect sense and it is as if "Robert" and I were actually the same person.

here is the transformer tape dispenser on my winder.

when I have an extra piece or scrap I stick it to the live center support directly below the tape dispenser.

this all serves a very important role in letting my kids fit in on that rare occasion they need an instant mullet.

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