Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Origin of Species: Eleven Horns....

so I have known fellow horn junkie Victor Sierra for a while now... just swapping email as junkies do about horns... drivers... tubes.. transformers... and, of course, music... eventually he asked about the horn I had been using for upper mids... I had been turning lots of different flares in my shop... but he was a long time tractrix man... I zipped the fast flare Le Cleac'h profile off to him.. I think it was about two weeks before I got the call.. you know the one.. giant leap in the evolutionary chain... he was now walking erect... his only question: "Can you send the profile for the big midrange?"

so we are now a team... the horns depicted here are approximately one meter diameter... the top is for a compression driver.. below is for a field coil Lowther...


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