Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lemon Lulu

I was dropping the transformers for the 284D amp off to JC yesterday and I met his adorable daughter.  When I saw a rabbit on her shirt I mentioned that I had a bunny named Lemon Lulu she said that Lulu was her name too so I promised to show her a picture.

Don't let the harmless face of this 9 pound beast fool you.  It is unfazed by the 160 pounds of big dogs that he shares space with,  the good news he is litter trained (He humped the grey cat one day and used their litter box and it was his from that day on) but the bad news is he likes to chew on stuff.  Anything on the floor is game and he has a particular liking for vintage tube boxes and old wires.  He also has a particularly interesting chase reflex.  If a 40 pound toddler is running at full speed across the room, he will take him down and if I didn't know better I'd think he has a little Mel Gibson in him.
Who knows all of the anger and destructive behavior could simply come from attaching the Lemon Lulu name to a boy.


  1. Oh the horror. I can only image the huge savage fangs hidden in that cute bunny face.

  2. Randy Carter said he worked for a company called Lulu. He did not mention bunnies, lemons, crazed Australians, or inter-species pick-up Techniques. Is this the same entity, another dimension, or a parafeed universe?

    Keep up the good work (ah hem) JJ and Dave.



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