Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peht Mak Mak...

so we *finally* were able to go eat Thai in vegas.. long wait at the restaurant.. the smells torturing us... starvation.. we order.. Dave orders "peht".. ahh.. maybe we will really get spicy.. J Rob reinforces this.. "peht mak mak"... Mr. Oh.. same.. me, the same... and then the German.. always causing problems.. Frank wrecked us.. German > English > Thai... *not* spicy... Frank, we will get you back!

Luckily, this led to a package I received this week with a return address naming "J Rob"... real kaffir lime.. and several baggies of different peppers... ahh... you the man.. tonight I am all jazzed up on peppers.. a handful of them, seeds and all in my green curry... sweating.. the ice storm that landed in Memphis last night has nothing on "peht mak mak"...

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