Saturday, February 5, 2011

1 meter auto-interconnect-formers

A friend wanted to give the modules a listen and I always say the easiest way to give them a whirl is to simply cut an interconnect in half and solder it to the boards. 

Then all you need is any old thing to mass load it.  In my typical style i looked around until I found something I could recycle.  It may not be pretty but it certainly is functional and musical to boot!


  1. If these end up as something you send out for short demo's I'd love to give them a try.

  2. Hi Dave,

    The autoformers arrived safely yesterday. They're already in place and sounding terrific. For the moment, I have them installed between my current passive preamp which is simply made up of a good quality switch, and a 50k TKD resistive attenuator. I've kept the passive in the system since I need the switch for the time being. I have the TKD attenuator wide open, i.e. no attenuation, and even with the TKD in the circuit the sound is dramatically improved by the addition of your autoformers. Overall, the sound is clearer and more live sounding, with the bass both tighter and fuller. Eventually, I'll take my passive out of the system. Do you think the 50k resistive attenuator is degrading the sound much if it's fully open?

    Anyway, thanks very much for a great product and transaction. It was very nice of you to mount the autoformers on the flex at your own initiative and cost. It's saving me a lot of hassle not having deal with the autoformers and wires flopping around.

    All the best,



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